VC’s Pour Record $1 Billion into Big Data Firms in 12 Months

Big Data companies Q2 investments grow 400% Year over Year Venture Capitalist’s can see the future (and often they forecast it correctly), Big Data companies are about to pop.

According to research firm CB Insights, VC invested $1 billion into Big Data firms over the past 365 days, including $460 million in the Q2 alone.  Wow. Wow. Wow.

That Q2 dollar total is 400% the $114 million in VC funding for Big Data in the Q2 of 2011, and is 5x the $87 million invested to Big Data companies in the Q1 of this year.

Here are the Venture Capital investments for the past 5 quarters:

Q2 2012 — 25 investments, $460 million, $18 million average

Q1 2012 — 20 investments, $87 million, $4 million average

Q4 2011 — 17 investments, $285 million, $17 million average

Q3 2011 — 18 investments, $201 million,  $11 million average

Q2 2011 — 10 investments, $114 million, $11 million average

Annual data on investments from Thomson Reuters, shows Big Data investments is firmly on the upswing:

2011 — $2.5 billion

2010 — $1.5 billion

2009 — $1.1 billion

Why is the CB Insights’ VC dollar amounts for 2011 ($600 million for the 3 quarters shown) so much lower than Thomson Reuters’ $2.5 billion?  I suspect its because the two firms use different classifications in investments.   Needless to say, with this level of investment surely information and insight will emerge from all this data… Time will tell.

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